Welcome to the HallyuNoona.com Wiki! So many users rely on Wikipedia for K-research and with the removal of a lot of content it’s clear Wikipedia is not the best home for it, so here is my humble offering.

We are still building up what the guidelines should be for a wiki of this nature, but below is a rough guide to what we are looking for while we build our firmer rules around what people want/what works with our site.

Want to get started? Just navigate to https://wiki.hallyunoona.com/hallyu/XXXX where XXXX is the title you would like your wiki to have, don’t forget to save the page when you are done! Alternatively you can explore our existing wikis and either ‘edit’ them or ‘create’ sub-wikis using the buttons on the top right of the entry.


This wiki is for:

Artist/group/agency pages

Factual coverage of major ongoing news stories/events.

Korean language information

Information pages of aspects of Korean Culture


Things that belong elsewhere (perhaps our forum or blog?):

Opinion pieces

Lists of music video releases (We already cover these in our forums)

Fan pages

Pages for individual songs (These should be covered in the artists page)



Suggested layout guidelines can be found HERE.